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WMS Group

WMS Group is a privately owned critical minerals, ports and bulk logistics business based on the West Coast of Aotearoa New Zealand.
We are leading the dawn of a multi-generational industry for the country and West Coast region.
About WMS Group

Westland Mineral Sands Co.

Westland Mineral Sands Co. (WMSC) holds mineral licences over some 20,000ha of private freehold land on the West Coast.
We own the permits and resource consents, processing plants and mining equipment that enable us to directly market and sell our critical mineral products to the world.
About WMSC

West Coast Bulk Logistics

West Coast Bulk Logistics ships the critical minerals to WMSC global customers.
We operate the ports of Greymouth and Westport, and also own and operate a motorised barge that revolutionises the transport of WMSC and third-party bulk cargoes around New Zealand.
About WCBL

Our venture is grounded by four key factors which set us apart.

Removing logistical barriers

Our secure port facility and strong transport links make our business uniquely positioned to provide an intergenerational resource for the West Coast Region, enable regional transport resilience and offer nationwide transport and logistics partnerships.

Coast wide growth

We are keeping it simple, growing the company sustainably through three distinct phases. Our success is grounded in pragmatism, achievable milestones, strong local relationships and stakeholder support.

land use

Much of our mineral sands are under productive farmland. Working collaboratively and sustainably with landowners, local authorities and the West Coast community is imperative. We are committed to ensuring we leave the land with the same agricultural production as we found it.

Diversity in our sands

The richness and mineral diversity of West Coast sand make it a highly valued resource globally. The company is adopting a multi mineral approach – a focus on all valuable minerals contained, not just ilmenite, for increased revenue notably garnet and Rare Earth Elements (REE) which were considered waste by previous explorers.

The importance of our community

Our role as a pioneer of the mineral sands industry in New Zealand is made possible through the support of the community on the West Coast – the South Island region we are proud to call home.

We are taking everyone along with us on our growth journey with comprehensive public consultation on upcoming projects and continuous conversation with mana whenua, local councils and community groups.

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